About Us

We share your passion for the environment. It's our job to support you in protecting it.

At Habitat Solutions, we are taking steps to improve and protect our natural environment. We believe in sharing our knowledge with our clients and the public to promote a healthy community for many years to come. We are a division of Landscape Solutions, and our story began way back in 1993. The Landscape Solutions landscape maintenance division now consists of hundreds of team members, with their work taking them all over the east coast of Australia. 


Habitat Solutions was born after it became apparent there was a need for a specialist environmental rehabilitation division. We are rich in resources and equipment and have the passionate team necessary to help our natural spaces thrive.

The Solutions Way - it's how we carry out our work safely and efficiently.

Our work takes us to some amazing places, and also some risky ones.
Safety is absolutely crucial in our line of work, and our stringent procedures apply whether we are working in a local community park or on the side of a steep cliff.
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